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Dean’s Message - Faculty

Faculty Expertise
Dept. Name Areas of Interest
CHB Douglas Bousfield Fluid mechanics; rheology; numerical methods; coating processes
CHB Albert Co Polymer processing; non-Newtonian fluid dynamics; rheology; transport phenomena; applied numerical methods
CHB William J. DeSisto Inorganic membrane synthesis and characterization; application of chemical vapor deposition and atomic layer deposition to membrane synthesis; filtration for microdevices; selective adsorption materials synthesis and characterization
CHB Joseph Genco Process engineering applied to pulp and paper technology and science
CHB John Hwalek Process information systems; heat transfer
CHB Michael Mason Photophysics of nanoparticles and molecular nanoprobes, single molecule imaging, time-resolved single photon spectroscopic imaging techniques
CHB Paul Millard Biosensors, physiological genomics ad proteomics, microbial pathogen detection
CHB David J. Neivandt Determination of the orientation and conformation of interfacial species • surface spectroscopies/microscopies
CHB Hemant Pendse Biorefinery development, sensor development; colloid systems; pulp and paper manufacture; cellulosic fuel production
CHB Adriaan vanHeiningen Chemical reaction engineering in pulp and paper processes; coating
CHB G. Peter van Walsum Renewable energy, fuels and chemicals; bioprocessing: biomass pretreatment, hydrolysis, fermentation, mixed culture digestion,  separations, upgrading fuel intermediates, compositional analysis; process engineering, optimization and techno economics.
CHB Clayton Wheeler Chemical Process Simulation
Biofuels and Catalysis:Thermal conversion technologies for converting lignocellulosics to hydrocarbon fuels and chemicals;Thermal deoxygenation of biomass-derived organic acids;Hydrodeoxygenation of pyrolysis oils; Hydrogenation of mixed ketones to mixed alcohols;Esterification of mixed organic acids;Hydrogenolysis of mixed esters; Microcalorimetric arrays and catalyst screening
Chemical Sensors:Selective sensor materials and sensing algorithms
Integrating sensor platforms into microchemical systems using micromachining techniques; Characterization of sensing mechanisms for selectivity enhancement
CIE Aria Amirbahman Environmental chemistry; geochemistry; pollutant fate and transport in the environment
CIE Habib Dagher Bridges, fiber-reinforced-polymer (FRP) wood-hybrid materials; probabilistic mechanics and structural reliability
CIE William Davids Numerical methods in structural mechanics and civil engineering, Mechanics of wood and wood structures, Development of simulation-based software tools for structural analysis and design, Bridge engineering
CIE Per Garder Traffic Engineering and human factors, especially transportation safety with an emphasis on evaluation methodology. Examples: Effectiveness of continuous shoulder rumble strips; driver stress; subjective rating of comfort and safety; junction layout; roundabout design; pedestrian safety; bicycle facility design; rest area usage
CIE Dana Humphrey Ground improvement techniques, thermal soil mechanics, foundation engineering, and advanced soil mechanics, geotechnics of waste disposal , behavior of the surface clay crust, and reinforced embakements, and using tire chips as lightweight fill, retaining wall backfill, and thermal insulation
CIE Shaleen Jain Hydroclimatology, Environmental Flows, Climate Variability and Change, Hydrosystems Modeling, Adaptive Management and Decision Analysis
CIE Eric Landis Experimental mechanics; material microstructure-property relationships; nondestructive testing
CIE Melissa Landon Offshore geotechnics, including site characterization, physical modeling of soil-structure interaction, and foundation engineering for offshore infrastructure
CIE Roberto Lopez-Anido Structural mechanics; advanced composite materials; durability analysis; experimental characterization; embedded sensors; composites fabrication
CIE Jean MacRae Environmental microbiology including microbial processes affecting arsenic and uranium in drinking water, nutrient cycling in soils and water, water quality, microbial ecology and development engineering
CIE Will Manion Materials testing, construction project management, geotechnical engineering, civil engineering capstone project development
CIE Edwin Nagy Structural design, Image-based non-destructive evaluation, fracture modeling, material mechanics.
CIE Thomas Sandford Soil structure interaction; LRFD; soil nail walls; lateral squeeze of soil; piling; composites applied to geotechnical
CIE Qingping Zou Turbulent boundary layers, Wave dynamics and breaking waves, Free surface flow interactions with fixed and floating structure, Marine renewable energy, Coastal flood risk and erosion,
Sediment transport, Mixing and dispersion of pollutants in the coastal region, Air-sea interactions
CMT Philip Dunn Construction, geotechnical engineering, soil nailing, geosynthetics, lightweight fills
CMT Howard Gray Wood composites
CMT Knud Hermansen Land surveying; land development design; contracts; boundary law; construction; professional liability; alternate dispute resolution; easements & roads; real property law; real estate litigation
ECE Ali Abedi Wireless Communications; Coding and Information Theory; Wireless Sensor Networks for Space Applications; Biomedical Signal Processing
ECE Richard Eason Machine intelligence; microprocessor applications; stetanography
ECE Nuri Emanetoglu Novel semiconductor materials and devices; Optoelectronics & photonics; Piezoelectric materials, thin films and devices; Surface acoustic wave devices and thin film resonators; Sensors, based on both semiconductor & piezoelectric devices
ECE Duane Hanselman Electro-mechanical devices; motion control systems; MATLAB programming
ECE Donald Hummels Communication devices and applications; digital signal processing
ECE David E. Kotecki Microelectronics; electronic materials, computer modeling and simulation
ECE Mohamad Musavi Neural networks, image processing, and intelligent systems
ECE Mauricio Pereira da Cunha New piezoelectric materials and acoustic wave devices for military electronic systems; biosensors; Microwave Acoustic Devices; High Frequency RF Devices; Wireless Communication; Signal Processing; High Temperature Acoustic Wave Sensors and materials
ECE Bruce Segee Computer architecture; interfacing; instrumentation and industrial automation
ECE Andrew Sheaff
ECE Rosemary Smith Microfluidic instruments for biomolecular analysis, microsensors, biomedical microdevices
ECE John Vetelino Microsensors; acoustics; solid state
ECE Yifeng Zhu Parallel and distributed computing; High-performance reliable data storage systems; Energy-aware computing; Wireless sensor network
ECE Vince Weaver Supercomputing, high-performance computing, embedded systems, hardware performance counters, computer architecture, architectural simulation, dynamic binary instrumentation Linux, Kernel, Operating Systems, Assembly Language Programming
EET John Allen Sensor technology
EET Thomas Christensen Fluid power systems integration and control
EET Scott Dunning Power system optimization; industrial energy efficiency; industrial power systems
EET Judith Pearse Digital systems, microprocessor applications, project and personnel management, programmable logic controller applications
EET Paul Villeneuve Electronics, control systems
MEE Michael Boyle Experimental approaches to fluid mechanics and energy problems; heat transfer in machines; modeling of gas turbine power plants
MEE Vince Caccese Structural mechanics; experimental mechanics; finite element analysis; vibration analysis and measurement
MEE Zhihe Jin Mechanical behavior of advanced materials, fracture mechanics, thermal stresses
MEE Michael “Mick” Peterson Experimental and field testing, biomechanics of animals, horse racing surfaces, environmental impact of marine hydrokinetic systems, ultrasonics and waves in porous materials
MEE Justin Poland Energy conservation in buildings; collection and use of solar energy; HVAC and refrigeration systems
MEE David Rubenstein Guidance, Navigation and Control (GN&C) system algorithms and software,
mathematical modeling and simulation of dynamic systems, Parameter
Estimation and System Identification techniques, digital signal integration
and Kalman Filter designs, Trajectory Optimization methods
MEE Rick Sayles Fluid flow, heat transfer and energy related studies using numerical techniques including the finite element method
MEE Alireza S. Sarvestani Multi-scale modeling and mechanical properties of polymer based nanocomposites, polymer physics, dynamics and rheology, constitutive modeling of biofunctional composites, modeling of cell adhesion and haptotactic locomotion, biomaterials
MEE Mohsen (Mo) Shahinpoor Smart/Intelligent Materials, Structures and Systems, Smart Aerospace and Marine Structures, Biomimetics and Artificial Muscles, Mechatronics, Electroactive Polymers, Advanced Nanocomposites, Biologically-Inspired Engineering Systems, Biologically-Inspired Robotic Devices and Systems
MEE James Sucec Analytical/numerical methods in transient, conjugated forced convection and steady turbulent boundary layer heat transfer
MEE Senthil Vel Structural mechanics, mechanics of laminated composite materials, smart materials and structures
MEE Krishna Thiagarajan Marine renewable energy, wave energy conversion, offshore wind energy systems, other energy conversion mechanism – tidal energy,  OTEC Hydrodynamics and dynamics of subsea and marine operations, Dynamic response of marine, platforms and vessels to environment, Hydrodynamic model testing, Computational fluid dynamics.
MEE Xudong Zheng Computational fluid dynamics, Biofluid mechanics, biomechanics and electrophysiology
Fluid-structure interaction, complex flow analysis, Immersed boundary method, finite element and finite volume methods, High performance computing, adaptive mesh refinement, Flow control, supersonic flow dynamics, sonic boom propagation and focusing
MET Joel Anderson Machine Tool Lab, Manufacturing, Drafting, CADD/CAM, and Kinematics
MET S. David Dvorak Friction and wear characteristics of solid lubricant coatings; testing and analysis of liquid lubricants; non-destructive materials characterization; instrumentation development and electro-mechanical design
MET Karen Horton Vibration analysis and control (structural and rotating machinery); development of diverse teams
SVT Carlton Brown Land surveying, cadastres
SVT Raymond Hintz Cadastral and survey measurements; photogrammetry

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