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The purpose of the Francis Crowe Society is to recognize UMaine engineering graduates as they accomplish the formidable goal of completing their engineering degrees and to recognize others who have made considerable engineering contributions and honored the profession.

What is the Francis Crowe Society?
Francis Trenholm “Frank T” Crowe (1882-1946) was a member of the UMaine College of Engineering class of 1905,where he earned a degree in civil engineering. Among his greatest accomplishments were his projects as a civil engineer in the construction of nineteen major dams in the western United States over a forty year period from 1904 to 1944. Crowe made farming possible and profitable in the Great Basin, the California Central Valley, Central Arizona and the Imperial Valley.

Who can become a member?
Each new graduate is invited to become a member; there is no other requirement for membership other than successfully completing an engineering degree program. Graduates who attend the ceremony are recognized with a medallion and a membership certificate in the Society. The society is dedicated to each graduating class of engineers in anticipation of the future contributions they will make to society while practicing their profession and to the families of these new engineers who have supported their sons, daughters, spouses, partners, and friends towards the achievement of their academic goals.


Are any others eligible?

Faculty members who are engineers are inducted into the Francis Crowe Society. Those faculty and officers in other cooperating departments within the College of Engineering who are not engineers are inducted as Honorary Engineers.

Distinguished Members
Each year each engineering department may nominate an individual who has made major contributions to advancing the art, science or practice of engineering.

Hall of Fame Members
Recognition and membership as Hall of Fame Engineers in the Francis Crowe Society is granted to persons for their extraordinary contributions and accomplishments in their profession or to society.  Preference is given to graduates from one of our engineering programs who have maintained a significant connection to the College of Engineering and the University of Maine.   Except in extraordinary circumstances, no more than two individuals will be inducted annually at the Hall of Fame level.

Inductees will be selected by the College of Engineering Awards Committee.  Nominations will be made by faculty in department-wide meetings.  Departments will accept suggestions of individuals for consideration from any source.Induction as a Hall of Fame Engineer will occur at the College’s annual award banquet or other suitable venue.

Industry and Honorary Members
Industry Member Inductees are engineers chosen by the College to recognize them for their contributions to engineering. Honorary members are chosen by the College to honor them for their non-engineering contributions to the College community.

High School Teacher Recognition
High school teachers are nominated by their former students based on the positive impacts they have had on the lives of current engineering students and those who have already graduated.


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